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Otway/Bailey Funeral Home

Carenage, St. George's


Our caring and professional funeral directors will help you get through every step when saying goodbye. In fact, helping others to cope with the emotional upheaval a major loss brings is our funeral directors most important job. They are experts when it comes to providing comfort, compassion and kindness to grieving families and are quite sincere in their efforts.

Otway/Bailey Funeral Directors are trained to treat every bereaved family as though they are the only bereaved family, and that everyone is someone’s loved one. We conduct every funeral with dignity and respect, remembering that for our clients every detail is important.

Often we are saddened considering the heartache that drives the job, but the thanks and outpouring of gratitude we frequently receive when we have completed the services, support our own emotions. It makes it much easier to go to the aid of the next family in need of our services.

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