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Learn More About Otway/Bailey Burial Society


What are the benefits of our Burial Society?

Otway/Bailey burial society is a specially designed plan, whose eligible members receive $3000.00 benefit towards their funeral expenses.  This benefit gives members a peace of mind knowing that their family would have some financial assistance when the time comes. Otway/Bailey society also provides other benefits which no other society offers, like:

  • FREE Registration –
  • Immediate qualification – No waiting period, members immediately qualify upon payment of first monthly premium for funeral benefits of $3000.00.
  • No medical certification from a doctor is necessary for persons within the age limit.
How does our Burial Society work?

Members pay $20.00 monthly; this entitles them to a benefit of $3000.00 towards their funeral expenses. If a member contributes more than $3000.00 to the plan, the total amount of their contribution will be applied. It is our policy however that any lapse in payments is subject to penalties as outlined in our terms and conditions.

How and where can you join our Burial Society?

Becoming a member is simple. To be eligible to join, interested persons must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Must be less than 70 years, and in good medical health
  • NB. Persons older than 70 years may be granted membership but only on the approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Must complete and sign the society’s registration form as proof of your agreement to the terms and conditions contained therein.
  • Must provide proof of valid Identification.
  • Must pay the first month’s premium of $20.00.

Registration can be conducted at our main office on the Carenage, St. George’s or at any one of our agents island wide. (See list of agents).

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